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Rehabilitation Cost Consultants

Rehabilitation Cost Consultants
What others say...

“I am pleased to tell you that we were able to settle this claim for £… and Mr M is pleased with that figure. May I thank you both on his and my own behalf for all the effort that you have put into this case. From the point of view of Counsel and myself, it has been exceptionally challenging and your guidance and diligence has been of enormous help.”

DT, Solicitor on behalf of the Claimant, East Anglia

"I am delighted to advise you that at a joint settlement meeting, terms were agreed between the parties such that the trial is no longer effective. Many thanks for the invaluable assistance you have given us throughout this matter, leading to a resolution which is satisfactory to both parties.”
JK, Solicitor on behalf of the Defendant, in the North East of England

"We settled his claim at yesterday’s meeting and this was greatly due to your wonderful help at such short notice. We are really grateful for what you did and for providing a comprehensive report at such short notice.”

A Z, Solicitor on behalf of the Claimant, East Anglia

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance with this matter…once again, thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to instructing you again in the future.”

AS, Solicitor on behalf of the Defendant, Manchester

"I thought it was appropriate for you to know that the Court approved this settlement which of course is in T’s best interests…we are of course all extremely grateful to you for your valuable assistance in what has been a most difficult case in terms of assessing for value.”

DK, Solicitor on behalf of the Claimant, South East of England

“I thought you would like to know that, in open Court, C’s mother paid tribute to the experts on both sides, describing how you treated her and her son with respect and kindness. This gracious personal tribute was acknowledged by the Judge.”

JC, Solicitor on behalf of the Defendant, South West of England


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