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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

The effect of injury or illness upon a person’s ability to work has impacts both for the individual concerned and the employer.

An employee may lose the ability to carry out a job which he or she used to find rewarding.Workplace friendships may be lost and family or financial difficulties may result.

Employers must devote precious time and resources to supporting a member of staff. Productivity may be lost and profitability affected. For the smaller business these losses may be critical.

At Veronica Downing Associates, we can help provide solutions.We offer a range of employment related
occupational therapy services to businesses and private clients throughout the East of England.
These include:

  • Disability needs assessment
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Physical and mental health rehabilitation and treatment services
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Transferable skills assessment
  • Worksite assessment
  • Vocational case management
  • Vocational employment expert reports
  • Job demands analysis

Occupational Therapy in the workplace

Occupational Therapists have a unique understanding of the complex interaction between individuals, their work and their workplace environments. This enables them to help break down physical, psychological and social barriers, so enabling employees to remain in work or to make a successful and sustainable return to work.

Return-to-work planning

Occupational Therapists are trained to assess the physical, cognitive and emotional demands which a job makes upon the individual. They also understand how to examine the particular characteristics of a workplace. By bringing these assessments together, alongside their knowledge of how illness or injury affects a person’s ability to function, Occupational Therapists are able to use their skills to develop realistic
and cost effective return-to-work plans.


At Veronica Downing Associates we have a team of qualified Occupational Therapists with long experience of the issues which surround employees and the workplace.We are in a unique position to enable a person who has been affected by illness or injury to engage fully with a programme of rehabilitation, to return to work and regain their independence.

Regaining independence is hugely important to the employee. It helps restore self-esteem and enables individuals to demonstrate their value. It allows them to succeed again in the workplace, and that in turn produces positive results for the employer.

Workplace assessment

We will make a visit to assess an individual in his or her workplace.We will look at the tools and equipment used, the processes involved and the environment in which the job is carried out, whether indoors or outside.We will consider the support the employee receives from their workmates and employer. We will look at the ways in which illness or injury has prevented them from being able to carry out their normal work. Perhaps it is a physical problem, a psychological difficulty or a combination of the two.

Off-site assessment

Sometimes we will invite an employee to our own disability assessment centre. Here we can replicate a wide variety of employment-related activities and pinpoint exactly how and why the individual’s work-related ability has been impaired.

Finding solutions

We will help solve the problem. Perhaps an adaptation to the workplace or alternative equipment will meet the need, or simply a different way of working.We may find a graded return to work is necessary to help a person re-build their confidence and retain their skills so that a sustainable return to work is achieved.

How we have helped

Joe, a Town Council groundsman, developed a medical condition in which sustained activity triggered pain and discomfort that reduced his capacity to work. Following assessment and interview with Joe and his manager, the suggested solution was to manage the activities required of him rather than change his job. Suitable products to negate the unwanted effects of sustained activity and vibration were identified so that the employer was able to respond positively to Joe’s needs in the workplace.

Mr N, a rewinder in a factory, sustained a crush and de-gloving injury to his right thumb in an accident at work. After major surgery and some months off work, he was referred for assessment by the Insurance Company. Although motivated to return to work, Mr N did not want to go back to the factory floor where the accident occurred. Following assessment, a gradual return to work on jobs other than the rewinder was implemented. After discussion with HSE the rewind machine was modified and six months later, through a programme of gradually increasing his hours, he returned to work full-time as a rewind operative.

Ms J, a clerical assistant, sustained a complex fracture to her left wrist outside of work. An initial assessment was carried out and she was provided with an ergonomic split keyboard and a telephone head set to enable her to use of both hands when on the phone. Pressure on the hypersensitive area of her wrist was removed, and her stamina and work tolerance increased with a graded return to work.


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